Who is Catfrog Health?

Catfrog Health is run by a woman with a long personal experience of medical cannabis and its wondrous health-enhancing properties. Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) is a daily tonic for both herself, her family and all her many animals.

Trust us, Catfrog Health promotes and sells only the best EU certified organic CBD brands checked by personal experience first!

Our brands have been organically grown, professionally gathered and extracted using Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE), the low temperature, environmentally clean method for preserving its natural reach combination of full spectrum ingredients. They are third party laboratory tested. That means they are highest quality verified, pure, and safe, working to its utmost potency when applied both in people and animals. https://hempoland.eu/expertise/

Who is the producer of CannabiGold CBD oil?

In 2014, Hempoland z.o.o. based in Elblag, Poland became the first polish company to obtain a licence to cultivate seed hemp. In 2016 the company started producing golden premium CBD oils. Since then Hempoland has been building, developing and participating in the creation of a new industry on a European and global scale with its top-notch production facility and world class R&D standards. Its flagship brand is CannabiGold – organic, full spectrum CBD oil cultivated and produced in Poland. The company’s facility is ISO 9001, HACCP, and is totaly involved in using only eco-friendly, vegan and organic materials. https://hempoland.eu/overview-team/

Why is CannabiGold of such outstanding quality?

The quality control process for hemp extracts containing natural Phytocannabinoids begins already at the stage of seeds selection. The company has tested over 20 strains of hemp, which allowed for the selection of plants with the most favourable cannabinoid profile.

During their growth and maturity periods, the plants are regularly and rigorously tested, and the cultivation and harvest techniques are constantly optimized – all this in pursuit of the best possible quality of the input material, which, in turn, has a direct impact on the quality of the final product.

The extraction process is conducted using the SFE (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) method with supercritical CO2. https://hempoland.eu/expertise/

What is SFE extraction?

Supercritical CO2 extraction (a type of SFE – supercritical fluid extraction) is an innovative technology called “the green chemistry”, as it allows for extraction without the use of any potentially harmful chemicals. The unique parameters of the supercritical state (referred to as “fourth physical state”) make it possible to extract the desired ingredients without the risk of contaminating the extract. This quality is crucial as hemp is known to easily accumulate heavy metals and other harmful compounds from the soil. Unlike other simpler techniques, supercritical CO2 extraction guarantees that the final product is absolutely pure and safe. https://hempoland.eu/expertise/

What is our quality control process for hemp extracts?

There are dozens of studies conducted on a daily basis on the composition and the desired parameters to ensure the highest quality of the hemp extracts. The company’s own analytical support team combined with a broad network of external laboratories they cooperate with guarantee that every product leaving their factory is of highest quality and purity. Thousands of experiments conducted and in-depth knowledge of the Cannabis Sativa plant give them the opportunity to run a far more detailed analysis of the cannabinoid profile than most European laboratories do. https://hempoland.eu/expertise/