CannabiGold CBD capsules

Discover CannabiGold CBD capsules – the latest hemp capsules rich in CBD. We offer our customers only organic products of the highest quality. The capsules found in our shop are produced entirely in Poland in the process of production that is strictly controlled by the producer -HemPoland

CannabiGold CBD capsules are dedicated to those who either don’t like the taste of the extract in the form of essential oils or drops or just cannot take it for other reasons. The undoubted advantage of hemp capsules is also the dosage – this way of administrating guarantees that the amount of CBD will always be the same, which customers find extremely convenient. All the extracts of CannabiGold are obtained with using innovative equipment designed specifically for supercritical CO2 extraction of cannabis plant. This way we ensure the highest purity and the potency of our products.