Discover The Latest In Super Hydrating, Cleansing, Antioxidant Skincare, Enriched With 100% Natural CBD Rich Hemp Extract.

Welcome to our CannabiGold Ultra Care Range of CBD Skin Care – Creams, Serums, Balms & Gels

  • Ultra Skin Care is a line of extraordinary products designed for face and body care. With the help of cosmetology experts we created specialised modern formula cosmetics full of natural ingredients with dedicated concentrations of CBD, perfect for all skin types, irrespective of age.

  • CannabiGold Dermocosmetics include clearly labelled CBD concentrations and carefully selected natural ingredients such as Squalane, Shea Butter, Agastache Mexicana or Curculigo Orchioides extracts, Green Tea extracts, Marigold macerates and many other valuable additives.

  • Tested in dermatological laboratories and by users, CannabiGold Ultra Care Dermocosmetics guarantee modern, effective and comprehensive facial and body skin care.

Hemp derived Cannabidiol manifests extraordinary cosmetic properties. Apart from improving skin condition, CBD used in cosmetics demonstrates strong antioxidative, antiseborrheic and protective properties. It nourishes and regenerates skin, leaving it visibly softened, smooth and firm.

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Creams, Serums & Balms for Dry and Sensitive Skin

CannabiGold CBD Ultra Skin Care


Creams & Serums for Oily and Combination Skin

CannabiGold CBD Ultra Skin Care

Serums & Gells for All Skin Types

CannabiGold CBD Ultra Skin Care